Listen! Security Is Simplified?

  The first step in building an identity platform utilizing SSO is complex and challenging. Forcing a separate login across each application results in user drop-off, lost revenue, and decreased productivity. QlikVerify enables you to get a better route by establishing a single, secure user login point that is regulated globally.

Identity Insurer

You can link to any Identity Store, such as LDAP and any Identity Providers, using the QlikVerify SSO solution.

Scalable Safety

QlikVerify solutions monitor and adapt to user activity, enforcing security restrictions as needed.

Enhanced Efficiency

Users can instantly access their apps with a single click. Eliminating the hassle of remembering, and changing many passwords, resulting in increased productivity.

Modernized Management

User accounts are provisioned and de-provisioned centrally. Use relevant insight from our sophisticated analytics for tailored marketing and user growth.

Give a Good Start for your Business

It's all about the user experience. Companies who give the fastest, most seamless access to a wide range of apps are the ones that gain business these days.

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An Easy Fix for Your Consumers on Trust

A single sign-on offers up a whole new universe of possibilities. It's critical to provide a best-in-class authentication experience if you want to stand out in the never-ending battle for customers.

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Open the Gates at Your Own Speed

Single sign on allows you to quickly access your applications via single portal or user login. This allows your team to focus on high-value initiatives while providing a uniform, smooth user experience across all your apps.

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Simple Qlik to access your SSO Apps

From now on, Apps available in QlikVerify SSO dashboard can be accessed from your desktop. Use the links below to acquire yours.


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