Why Choose QlikVerify?

We Bring Simplicity,

Security and Authenticity to the table.

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Custom Flows

Create your own unique, secure, and standards-based unified processes to authenticate users across all of your apps.

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Fully Secured

Users are directed to a central authorization server when they use Universal Login. Credentials are not forwarded across origins as authentication occurs in the same domain as login, increasing security and protecting against attacks.

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User Friendly

Users feel comfortable being redirected to a trusted domain in order to authenticate. Create a single sign-on page for all your apps and use the QlikVerify dashboard to turn features on and off for each one.

How We Bring Simplicity

Witness Our

Spectacular Dashboard for a fast peek

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What We Do Best

Authentication Process Made Easier

The Authentication will be engaged and customised to any user anytime and anywhere you choose. Ensuring authentication with no user experience sacrifice.

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    Reduces the need for users to log in several times, allowing them to focus on their job.
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Why Choose Us ?

Features winning the game

Without compromising security, comfort or convenience, QlikVerify offers all you can do to handle the unparalleled difficulties of authentication, access management and identity governance today.

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    Improve security by giving multiple rights levels based on role.
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App Features

Use easily and safely

You need to achieve the correct balance between user convenience, privacy and Security – from customer experience improvement through a seamless SSO to MFA being as simplistic as a button.

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    Lowering the danger of an unauthorised user getting access to critical company data.
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Super Flexible

Freedom to go as you wish

Extend the functionalities of QlikVerify to meet your specific identity needs anytime and anywhere where they arise.

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    Examine QlikVerify extensibility capabilities in depth.
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Manage On the Go

Managing made Easy

Potentially make registering and logging in as simple as possible. Allow users to establish accounts, interact with social media, and federate with their identity provider with ease for your corporate customers.

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    Create, update, and delete user data to accommodate the complete user lifetime
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